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About us

MM HYDRAULIC Ltd – specializes in repair, manufacture, service and trade with hydraulic pumps and motors: axial piston pumps, radial piston pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps and their spare parts.

Our distinctive features are as follows:

● Highly skilled engineer-technical staff of factory trained specialists
●Specialized equipment and know-how to carry out high quality repairs/manufacture
●Manufacture and reconditioning of the spare parts with original technologies and materials
● Carry out the orders in short terms – from one to three working days
●Warranty period of 12 months for the input/purchased spare parts or 18 months from the delivery date
●Qualified stand test for each pump / motor by our experienced technicians.
●Free diagnosis in the presence of the client, flexible price solutions, technical assistance and consultation
●Direct importer of spare parts with 100 % incoming control over the basic qualitative indices. Re-export to countries in the region.
● Large scale nomenclature of spare parts for mass used hydraulic pumps and motors hold in stock.

●The trust of over 1400 active clients from home and abroad.

We work with a wide range of clients, small and large companies, technical universities, private persons, technicians and branch colleagues. We understand how important and critical our service could be for you or your company and we work hard to provide fast and yet quality of no compromise at reasonable price. We react immediately to your phone call regarding consultation, recommendation or order for diagnostic and service on the spot.

MM Hydraulic works primarily in the following sectors :
● Mobile hydraulics
- construction – excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, cranes, concrete pumps and truck mounted concrete mixers.
- road construction – compactors, milling machines, asphalt finishers
- transport - refrigerated trucks, tailboards, hydraulic suspension systems
- geotechnics – drills (drill rigs), transportation facilities and mining
- agriculture – harvesters, tractors, trailing and attached tools, loader and mill saw
- maritime – boats, yachts, fishing ships
- recycling – recycling presses, loaders

● Industrial Hydraulics

- hydraulic presses, atomizers, installations in the heavy industry, test stands.

Our Partners