How to reach us?

● With a light commercial vehicle:

Sofia / Sliven: After 2km from the sign board of Yambol there is a traffic light, at which you turn left. In front of you is a stop sign, after which you continue straight ahead. After 400 meters to the right is MM HIDRAVLIK - EOOD.

● With a truck over 10 tonnes:

From Sofia / Sliven: After 200 meters from the sign board of Yambol turn left and take the North Ring Road. After 2km you will come to a crossroads and turn right. About 800 meters to the left is the company.

● By car from Burgas / Varna / Petolachkata:

Before the city signpost, turn right. After 2km you will come to a crossroads and turn left. About 800 meters to the left is MM HIDRAVLIK - EOOD.

● Trakia AM deductions

-From Sofia - 275 km

- from Burgas / Varna - 290 km

-NAR Kabile - 281 km (only for cars up to 10t.)

How to ship your pump, motor or replacement parts by courier?

● Carefully pack the product in such a way as to protect the adjusting screws, power coils, shock sensors and damage.
● If the weight of the shipment is over 100kg, place on a wooden pallet and tie.
● Request a courier from your chosen company.
● Specify that the shipment is delivered to the address: Yambol, Industrial District, 18 Yambolen Str.
● Record and pay for an early delivery time if the shipment is urgent.
● Record your bill of lading with your current telephone number and contact name.
● Familiarize yourself with the price terms of the courier company and especially the shipment insurance.

How to receive your shipment by courier?

● Specify your receipt address, possibly fixed delivery time, invoice details, and more.
● Request your form of payment - the "cash on delivery" service of the courier company or bank transfer and confirmation received with us prior to the shipment.


How do I get a pump / motor repaired?

● Unpack and remove plugs from hose connection ports.
● Fill the body with oil through the top drainage hole of the pump.
● Attach the hoses and operate for 1-2 seconds repeatedly.
● Make sure the direction is correct and that there are no obstructions to the oil path in the suction section.
● Operate and hold for 1 - 2 minutes at idle (no load) at low / low speeds.
What oil should I use?

Pressure fluids based on mineral oils for axial piston pumps and motors.

Selection of fluid types

Many types of mineral oil based liquids are more or less suitable. Their choice is determined by the requirements in terms of wear, viscosity and temperature, protection against oxidation and corrosion, tolerance of materials, ability to vent and drainage.

Description of the pressure fluid

HL, HLP (HM-ISO) and HV hydraulic oils according to DIN 51524, Sections 1 to 3
HD motor oils according to API-CC or respectively. MIL-L-2104 B and MIL-L-46152.
ATF fluids

Particularly suitable for mobile transmissions are:

HLP hydraulic oils with detergent properties
Motor all-season oils
ATF fluids

Working viscosity

A more favorable operating viscosity is in the range of 18 to 36mm / sec. In this zone, the efficiency is optimal. In the upper zone between 25 and 36mm / sec. lubrication of the roller bearings is better. An increase in the working fluid endurance values ​​with a viscosity of 36 mm / sec versus 10 mm / sec is about 2.3 times.

Choice recommendations - Bulgaria:

- Autumn, winter, spring and indoor:

● MXM Hydraulic Oils (n) - 46: MHV (p) - 46
● Motor oils class: 10W30: 15W40

- Summer and high temperature rooms:

● Hydraulic oils: MXM (n) -68: MHV (p) -68
● Motor oils: 10W30: 15W40
Temperature range of exploitation:

T min. 25 ° C
T max. + 90 ° C
T nominal 30 to 50 ° C


- Axial piston machines - Filtration rate 10µm

Grade 8 NAS 1638
19/17/14 ISO 4406
9A / 9B / 8C SAE AS4059

- plate and gear pumps - filtration rate 25µm

Grade 10 NAS1638
21/19/16 ISO 4406
11A / 11B / 10C SAE AS 4059

Why is the oil foaming?

● There is a leak in the suction part of one of the pumps.
Check the sealing connections, gaskets, condition of the suction line, conformity of the suction filters
● Low oil level in the tank.
Check and top up to the recommended level
● Inappropriate (high viscosity) oil, especially when starting at low rpm.
Use the right oil, idle for the first 5 to 15 minutes at minimum speed.

Why does the pump work with loud sound and vibration?

● Worn / defective pump elements.
Stop immediately and contact us for advice.
● Problem in the suction part - soiled suction filters, dense oil, air intake in the hydraulic system.

Why does the pump stop periodically on its own?

● Wear in the pump housing is unacceptable.
Contact us for advice and repairs.

● Unacceptable wear in the pump manifold.
Contact us for consultation and repair.

Unacceptably high oil temperature.
Non-functioning oil cooler, worn hydraulic pump elements. Contact us for assistance and repair.

Elevated hydraulic oil temperature.

● Significant gaps in high pressure highways - worn elements, pumps / motors, valves and distributors of the machine, cylinders, etc ..
● Dirty, broken oil cooler.
● Unsuitable oil, presence of air, water and other pollutants in the hydraulic system.